About Delhi Public School, Nashik

Delhi Public Schools Society (DPSS) is a registered society which owns the brand name Delhi Public School (DPS). DPS is the largest chain of schools in India and abroad. DPSS established its first school, Church High School, in 1941, in the President’s Estate. Post-independence, Naveen Bharat School was set-up and in 1949, was rechristened Delhi Public School, with its present location on Mathura Road, New Delhi.

The second DPS was started in Ram Krishna Puram, New Delhi, in 1972. Over the last seven decades, DPSS has grown from strength-to-strength, with more than 150 schools, not just in India, but also internationally. DPSS aims to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the future. The philosophy of DPSS is carefully ingrained in its students, sensitising them to environmental concerns and inculcating in them the feeling of nationalism and communal harmony.

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Recent Activities

  • Blow and Burst XEED activity

    Blow and Burst XSEED Activity was conducted by Delhi Public School Nashik for the students of Grade Prep. The activity was organized with the objective that children will be able to feel the wind and understand the concept of blowing and bursting. Children’s vocabulary was also enhanced through this activity. Children were happy and excited to blow the balloons and later to burst it using a pin. They grasped three key words namely bloated, pricked and burst. The Activity began by the children blowing the balloons. Some children experienced the wind while blowing, when the balloon slipped from their hands. When the balloon was blown, they were told that the balloon is ‘bloated’ and later they ‘pricked’ the balloon using a pin. As the balloon ‘burst’, children were overjoyed. They were also told that non-living things change their shapes when air is filled in it. It was a fun based learning activity which was conducted in a play way method.

  • Colours of Spring 7 - Arts exhibition

    Aakriti Art Foundation had presented an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Mater namely, “Colours of Spring 7”.  The exhibition was held from 27th to 29th November, 2016 at Mumbai. Art Faculty Mr. Deepak Garud from Delhi Public School Nashik had displayed his paintings in the same. More than 50 artists from India, U.S.A., U.K and many other countries had participated in the exhibition. This event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Mr. Abhijeet Bhattacharya and lightening the lamp ceremony was done by R.K. Purohit, Rani Poddar, Aneel Murarka, Arun Bajaj, Bezan Chenoy, Kishor Khabia and many other significant personalities. Apart from this various other celebrities and well known personalities also marked their presence during the exhibition.

  • Orange Day

    Orange is fun, dynamic and radiates warmth. Students of Delhi Public School Nashik came dressed up in Orange. This day was organized for the children of Grade Pre-Nursery. Children learnt about the color Orange that forms the 1st band of our Flag and symbolizes courage and sacrifice. Orange stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. The children did interesting activities related to this color. The color stimulated the kids as they made 3D pumpkins by themselves and as they colored the paper cut-outs, Teachers gave guidance in order to create sleeping lines, standing lines and slant lines out of the paper strips given. The hand co-ordination was learnt by them at the same time, all the children loved to prepare it at home along with their parents. They brought the same to school the next day.

  • DSO Taluka and District Cricket Tournament

    Delhi Public School Nashik School Cricket Team won the DSO Taluka and District Cricket Tournament and has qualified for the division level. The School Cricket team has won the Nashik Cricket Association Runners up Trophy. DPS also participated in the Rasbihari Trophy and Inter State Trophy matches held at Jalandar. Girls Cricket team has reached the finals of DSO Inter School Tournament. DPS has won 5 consecutive matches and had entered in the NCA inter school tournament finals, winning the runners up trophy for the same.

  • Fun with Fractions

    A Fraction activity was conducted for the students of Grade V, of Delhi Public School Nashik. This activity was organized in order to explain the concept of fractions to the students in a play-way method. Students were arranged in groups of 4. The teacher in-charge explained the method of playing the game. Each student had to take turns to roll the die and form the fraction shown on his/her card. After forming the fraction on the card, the student had to take another card and again complete the fraction given on the card. The students were given a time limit and at the end of given time, the student who had the maximum number of cards in each group was declared the winner and were given smiley badges.

  • Sandwich making activity

    A sandwich making activity was conducted at Delhi Public School Nashik for the students of Grade III. The motive of conducting this activity was to help the children, gain practical knowledge about cooking and to make the students self-reliant. This activity gave the students the experience of cooking. Students were asked to carry the ingredients like bread, slices of cucumber, tomatoes and onion and tomato sauce. Teacher gave instructions to the students regarding the activity and the students made sandwiches on their own. When it comes to cooking, we all have to depend on our parents, but through this activity students learned and enjoyed cooking their food on their own. Students actively participated in the activity.