About Delhi Public School, Nashik

Delhi Public Schools Society (DPSS) is a registered society which owns the brand name Delhi Public School (DPS). DPS is the largest chain of schools in India and abroad. DPSS established its first school, Church High School, in 1941, in the President’s Estate. Post-independence, Naveen Bharat School was set-up and in 1949, was rechristened Delhi Public School, with its present location on Mathura Road, New Delhi.

The second DPS was started in Ram Krishna Puram, New Delhi, in 1972. Over the last seven decades, DPSS has grown from strength-to-strength, with more than 150 schools, not just in India, but also internationally. DPSS aims to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the future. The philosophy of DPSS is carefully ingrained in its students, sensitising them to environmental concerns and inculcating in them the feeling of nationalism and communal harmony.

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Recent Activities

  • Visit to Fire Station

    Children of Delhi Public School Nashik, Grade 2, visited a fire station as a part of their field visit. The objective of this field visit was to make children know the importance of Fire Station and how the fire personnel work for a safe and secure nation. Children learned that how the firemen quickly reach the fire destination. Few employees devoted their precious time to explain about their hard work.  They showed the control room, where they received emergency calls and also explained how they take the calls through wireless and landline phones. The Fireman wore the uniform and demonstrated the use of siren and emergency lights in their fire brigade. To give a live demonstration, they lit fire using some dry leaves. They demonstrated the usage of different nozzles to put off the fire.

    They taught the children that, they use life jacket to save the person in danger. They also informed about the Emergency Generator Machine. Children were asked to repeat the Emergency number for Fire Station which is 101. The concerned authority told the children that, Even a child can help an adult to tell the number in emergency but a child should not dial the number for fun. They informed us that different fire brigades are used for different purposes.  The visit was really useful for the children and the teachers. This is how the children got extra information beyond their curriculum.

  • Culmination Ceremony at

    A Culmination ceremony was organized at “The Little” – the new pre-primary wing of Delhi Public School Nashik. Various contests like the Healthy baby contest and Talent hunt were organized. Dr. Reena Rathi was invited as the chief guest for the event. Dr. Rathi is a well known pediatrician in Nashik. She was the judge for the Healthy baby contest. Prizes were given for sparkling eyes, chubby cheeks, speaking skills and grasping power of the child. Children gave a huge response for the same. Dr. Rathi addressed the parents regarding “How to deal with a 2-3 year old baby?”, “How to simulate his/her brain?” She also emphasized on child care and home remedies for children when they are sick. Dr. Rathi shared her thoughts on expectations of parents from their child at an early age and emphasized on brain development of child at the age of 2-3 years. Dr. Rathi said that, “90% of the child’s brain is developed at the age of 3 years”. Hence she advised that parents should simulate the brains of their children accordingly.

    Children sang songs, recited poems, danced and showed their talent in the talent hunt show. They were felicitated with gifts as a token of love and appreciation. Children danced to the tunes of “summer song”, “Ketchup song”, “ABCD song” and many more. Children also presented a performance on the drums. Parents were invited to see the program and enjoy the performances of their children.

  • Disney Land activity

    Disney Land activity was conducted at Delhi Public School Nashik for the students of Grade Nursery. The main objective of this activity was to make the children confident and develop their own creativity. Their speaking skills were enhanced during the activity. Children were asked to dress like any Disney character. They were dressed as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Doremon, Chota Bheem, Fairy tale characters and animals. The activity began by reciting poems related to farm animals. The Children spoke about their favorite Disney characters and their role in the cartoon. Children recited the punch line used by the Disney characters. They were very excited to speak about their favorite Disney character. Later the children were showed cartoon movies on the smart board which they thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Mothers Day Celebration - Pre Nursery

    Mother’s Day Celebration was conducted at Delhi Public School Nashik on 5th May 2017 for the kids of Grade Pre-Nursery. Mother’s day started with the warm welcoming of Mothers of Pre Nursery children. Prayers were conducted followed by the Pledge and National Anthem. After the prayers, “Sim Sim” puppet introduced itself, to all the children and their mothers. Children introduced themselves to all. In the Maths period, Heart shape was introduced to the children with the red theme and the crumpling of the small balls. The balls were pasted on the heart shape. An activity energizer on the rhyme “Daddy finger” was taken to move on to the Language Skill. The story of “Tip Top Tiger” was narrated using Stick puppet of the Tiger and his mother. The XSEED books of tales and tunes were given to the children and were asked to see the characters in the story with their mothers. A story related to friends was shown to the kids. Mothers were given Tiaras, and a token of love was given in the form of Roses and Greeting Cards. Mothers enjoyed with their kids at the photo booth and then had a fun learning in the canteen - “Mom’s Magic”. The program ended with the feedback session.

  • Robotics Club activity - Robot Programming and Model making

    Robot programming and Model making activity was conducted at Delhi Public School Nashik for the students of Grade VII and VIII. The objective behind this activity was to develop team building and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) in students. Robotics is the interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. Robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. Students were divided into two groups based on their Grades VII and VIII. The students of Grade VII were taught the basic computer programming language and were allowed to learn and practice the levels of programming. Whereas the students of grade VIII learnt to prepare a robotic model of ‘Edge Detecting Robot’.

    Robots can be used in any situation and for any purpose. Students had the freedom to change the model as per their understanding. Robotics club has raised the level of curiosity in the students thereby developing their brains as young scientists. This type of activity will develop scientific temper and logical understanding in the students. As robotics is the upcoming branch of science, teaching them at school level expands the level of the thinking of the students.

  • Activity on Nouns

    Delhi Public School Nashik had organized an activity based on Nouns for the students of grade II. The objective of this activity was to make the students understand the concept of Nouns by encouraging them to read and categorize the words given as Name, Place, Animal or Thing. Four corners of the classroom were categorized as Name, Place, Animal and Thing. Students were instructed to move in a circle around the classroom while a song was being sung. When the song stopped the students were asked to pick a name card from an assigned place and move to the corner according to the respective category. For instance, if a child picked a card with ‘New Delhi’ in it, he had to move to the ‘Place’ corner. If any child moved to the wrong corner, he / she were considered out of the game. In this manner the clarity of concept was achieved. It was an enjoyable and educational game which helped enrich the Grammar skills of the students.