Election Activity for State Govt.- Members of Legislative Assembly

Students of Delhi Public School Nashik, Grade VII participated in an election activity which was conducted for them. The motive behind the activity was to understand the concept of constituency, majority party, opposition party, MLA, selection of Chief Minister and other ministers. The election activity for the State government -Members of Legislative Assembly was conducted in class 7th A and D.

Classes were divided into 5 constituencies. Two Parties and their respective candidates were selected from each constituency. Students of a particular area (constituency) chose their representative by voting through voting machine. They experienced the formal process of voting through steps of- I-card checking, voting through voting machine and finger marking. Student selected the deserving representatives and showed their right to vote. After the counting, MLA was selected as Chief Minister and others as Ministers. Students enjoyed and understood the process of election of State Government through this innovative activity.

12 Jul 2017    School Admin

Election Activity for State Govt.- Members of Legislative Assembly...