Book Banter activity

‘If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads’. Students from grade 6 to 9 and grade 11 were bestowed with an opportunity to boost their intellect in the book banter activity which was woven around ‘Reading’. The activity weaved various strands of  writing,  by renowned authors  like Dan Brown , William Shakespeare(The Bard of Avon), Suzzane Collins, Avinash Khairnar  and J.K. Rowling. Students expressed  their opinions on the books ‘Da Vinci Code’, ‘The Tempest’, ‘ Hunger Games’, ‘The Grit’ and  ‘Harry Potter’, accentuating the mark the book has made on their thoughts and language.

Students described the type of book, i.e., Fiction, Nonfiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Biography, etc. along with the description of the poignant character. The review presented, inspired others to read the book .The activity was successful in inculcating the importance of reading which develops the mind and discovers new things. In line with the above, Book Banter paved way for   developing the creative side of students.

18 Jul 2017    School Admin

Book Banter activity...