Graph activity

Students of Grade IV, Delhi Public School, Nashik learned the concept of circle graph or pie graph in a playful way. The motive behind this activity was to understand the concept of circle graph. Children enjoyed comparing the information or data in the form of pie graph. Each student was asked to draw a circle in his notebook. Instructions were given about how to compare the given data and divide it in each part of a circle accordingly. They were happy to color each divided part with a different color as it looked attractive. Happiness of learning mathematics differently was seen in each of them. Comparing the information or data can be done not only with the help of pictograph or bar graph but also with the help of circle graph was understood well by the students which served the purpose of this activity.

Pie graph was related to time spent by a child on Sunday(24 hours):

  1. 8 hours - sleeping (red)
  2. 4 hours - reading (blue)
  3. 3 hours – playing (green)
  4. 3 hours – eating, bathing etc. (yellow)
  5. 6 hours – visiting Grandparents (orange)

Children enjoyed the activity as it was a blend of academic concepts with a personal touch at the same time.

25 Jul 2017    School Admin

Graph activity...