Water cycle activity

Children of Grade 2, Delhi Public School, Nashik participated in the Water cycle activity. The objective of this activity was to help the students to understand the concept of Water configuration. Children were able to comprehend the value of water and how the water is stored for varied purposes. Students actively participated in the activity in their classes.  They were shown some clippings from Extra marks board. They saw that how the rainwater is stored in different forms, like Ponds Lakes, ocean, and sea. They were told about the underground water too. They saw a slide showing the Water Cycle. How the water from Ponds Lakes, ocean, and sea evaporates due extreme Sun Heat and process of condensation happens.

Children drew the same form of Water Cycle in their drawing books and colored it accordingly.  Few children discussed about it after the drawing. They felt pleased to realize the concept for the first time at this age.

12 Jul 2017    School Admin

Water cycle activity...